What is Reflexology?


"Each treatment with Tara is absolutely fantastic. I become deeply relaxed and enjoy reeping the benefits so much. Tara creates a calm and relaxing environment and answers any questions you have. Her knowledge of the body is extensive but her insight into my emotional state is just fascinating. My Reflexology treatment with Tara is the highlight of my week." - Rachel

Reflexology is a holistic therapy that treats the whole person and not just the symptom, it treats mind, body and soul. The treatment involves applying pressure on reflex points on the feet which correspond with areas and organs of the body, to detoxify and release any blockages physically or emotionally that are causing a negative effect on the body and mind.


Reflexology is 100% safe and can be done on any person of any age including babies. It is also 100% safe during all stages of pregnancy.

It has been proven that more than 90% of illnesses are caused by stress. When stress is present, our bodies are at dis-ease. Reflexology works to reduce stress and therefore reduce the build up of dis-ease.

It works to help bring us into balance emtionally and physically.

There is nobody that it does not work on and it can cause no negative effect whatsoever.

If you wish to be the healthiest you can be in mind and body, then Reflexology will help you be that person.

Let's reduce stress and be our very best!


The Original Ingham Method

I am qualified in The Original Ingham Method of Reflexology. Eunice Ingham - "the mother of Reflexology" - was the woman who rediscovered the therapy in the 1930s and made it what it is today. She discovered that with the help of Zone Therapy that the relfex points on the feet were a mirror image of the organs, glands and parts of the body. By using pressure on these points it would stimulate that area of the body. The Ingham Method is the only true method.

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Reiki and Reflexology are available as individual treatments or as a special combined treatment